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1. Preparing Your Home for Sale 



Our team can recommend reputable vendors:

  1. Windows: Cleaning your windows is an easy way to improve the look of your home
  2. Floors: Repair any large scratches from pets or high traffic areas
  3. De-clutter: remove personal photos, knickknacks, etc.
  4. Painting: Touchup scuffs, scratches, and dents in the walls/paint.


How much should I do?

Everyone lives differently. Depending on your property, we can recommend a customized strategy when selling your home in the Hamptons. This varies from rearranging your furniture to hiring a staging company.



How much should I do?

Photos are one of the most important elements in marketing your home. Our team will coordinate these photos with one of our approved vendors. 



2. Marketing



How much should I do?

The Compass marketing team produces beautiful print collateral to strategically showcase your property. Your agent develops and executes an intelligent, effective paid marketing plan in relevant publications. Eye-catching property signs are produced and placed outside your property. 


We syndicate to 100+ sites domestically and internationally and we can track metrics on your property's performance on these sites. We can provide a list of websites and portals that your listing is viewable on.



3. Showing the Home for Sale


What does the Midlam | Ryan Team do?

A good agent will be able to walk prospective buyers through your home and speak about the property in terms that respond to what the buyer is looking for. Experienced agents are often able to defuse concerns while highlighting the desirable aspects of the home. No two showings are the same and we will be able to adjust his or her description of the home in response to the buyer's needs and wants.

What should I do prior to showings?

Deodorize, de-clutter, de-personalize.



4. Open Houses



Allows your broker to track open house attendees and easily correspond and follow up with prospective buyers.


5. Offers


Considering and accepting an offer:

Following an offer, your agent contacts all interested parties, review the offer terms and raises all counter-offer options with you. Upon acceptance, a memo of sale detailing the terms of the sale is generated by the agents and circulated to the buyer and seller's attorneys.



6. Offer Acceptance


What happens once I accept an offer?

Obtain an attorney- Hiring a local attorney is advisable as transactions in the Hamptons can be unique. It is important to hire an attorney who knows how to navigate through the wealth of information and who can draft a contract to best protect your interests. Working with your agent, your attorney will review documents such as the certificate of occupancy, survey, and title.

When do I sign the contract?

The attorneys negotiate the finer points of the contracts, once all parties agree, the contract is signed by the buyer, and the deposit (typically 10%) is sent to your attorney. Upon confirmation of receipt of deposit and buyer signature, the seller executes the contract.



What happens once I am in contract?

  1. Surveys*
  2. Title Search*
  3. C/O and permit searching*
  4. Appraisal
  5. Home inspection
  6. Buyer obtains financing

(Banks typically take 45-60 days to approve financing for buyers. Allow for additional time during holidays.)


7. Closing


Prior to closing, the buyer will do a final walkthrough of the property. Upon confirmation of buyer financing, attorneys will draft a closing statement- adjustments will be made for taxes collected by the state, local property taxes, fuel supplies, etc.

Any outstanding items that have not been addressed by the time of closing (such as closing out an open building permit) will have an agreed-to amount set aside in escrow until the issue is resolved.


Any outstanding liens on the property will be satisfied and the seller will be issued a check or a wire for the remaining funds. Provide keys, any appliance warranties, list of service providers.

You Have Now Sold Your Home in the Hamptons!

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